SNED Connection

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Greetings young brothers and sisters of the King's Kidz youth department,
I hope and pray that you all aren't hurting yourselves with all of the candy that you have access to after the fast.  I just wanted to send an update about all of the fascinating things that are happening within our diocese.  We had a meeting this Saturday and became aware of the various blogs and websites that you can access to get information about our state youth departments.  They are listed below.

God Bless

Elder JJ White III

A King's Kid

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Today we celebrate the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was a man who fought for civil rights as well as for this who were treated unfairly during a time when rights where not equal for so many. One thing that speaks volumes about his life is the fact that he remained true to His belief in Jesus Christ. He was not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ and he often placed scripture into his speeches. Likewise young children of the King of Kings, it is our duty to be bold and to fight for what we know is right. we fight through our actions, we fight through our prayer, and we fight through our praise. Keep on fighting and the death of our King Jesus will not be in vain. Make your mark on the world young people.

God Bless you,

Elder JJ White III

New Year! Big Things

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Greetings King's Kidz family,
God has allowed us to continue this journey call life in a new year. During this year, let us take the time to truly dig into God's Word. Let us realize the position of sonship that God has placed us in. Let us continue to pray for strength, strategies, and the time that it takes to accomplish the goals that He has placed within us. Let us think, dream, and behave as Kings's kids.

God Bless you,

Elder JJ White III

Congratulations !!!

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The King's Kidz youth department would like to extend warm and heart-felt congratulations to four of our faithful youth who have left the nest and are attending colleges all and universities in various parts of the country. Sis. Amber Estelle will be attending Delaware State University this upcoming semester. Sis. Victoria Estelle will be attending Western Connecticut State University. Bro. Jeremy Thomas will be attending Central Connecticut State University, and Bro. Scottie Womack will be attending Webster State University in Utah. Wow!!! Please join us in praying for and supporting these young people and their families.

God Bless You, and to the graduates WE LOVE YOU!!!

Elder JJ White III

New Treasurer

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The King's Kidz youth department is proud to introduce to some and present to others our new youth department treasurer.  Sis. Debbie Destina will be our treasurer as we move forward on our journey to minister to our youth.  She has already proven herself as a resourceful and hard working member of the department.  We will be handing out a tentative calendar of events for the upcoming year.

Thank you and God Bless,

Elder JJ White III

Sing Y'all

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This year, three of the young people from the King's Kidz Youth department represented us well by leading songs in the national convention choir.  We are pleased that they were a part of the convention and that they raised their voices in praise to our wonderfully amazing God.  Thanks Faith, Simeon, and Darion.                           
Elder JJ White III                                                                        

The National Youth Congress

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Congratulations to brother Daniel Alexander and Sis. Sheena Wolliston for coming in third place at the National Youth Congress.  We did not raise the most money this year but I have already informed some of the delegates from the winning diocese (Ward Diocese - Florida), that we will be taking the crown next year.

God Bless,

Elder JJ White III